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Clos du Bois Lightly Bubbled Rose

Strawberry pink in color with bright aromas of ripe red berries. Crisp and slightly sweet, this wine has notes of juicy strawberry, red cherry, watermelon, and cranberry flavors with a hint of bubbles. This wine is light, bright, and well balanced. The 2017 growing season was unique. Average precipitation from winter rains facilitated healthy vines and spectacular canopies heading into the spring and early summer. With a slightly later bud break than the previous year and no major frost events, the growing season was off to a great start. Cool mornings and warm, sunny days brought even cluster development. A July heat wave signaled the vines to stop growing and the fruit to ripen. A cool period with a bit of rain followed, bringing fruit to optimal Brix levels. An extended hang time through September and into October resulted in mature, ripe fruit with great flavor and well-developed tannins.