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Del Mar Watermelon Seltzer

Reach for the beach and live life in the sunshine with Del Mar Wine Seltzer, a 95-calorie hard seltzer with a beachside state-of-mind. With refreshing flavors from Black Cherry and Grapefruit to White Peach and Watermelon, Del Mar brings memories to mind of friends by your side and your toes in the sand. Like its beachfront city namesake, Del Mar knows life by the ocean. This light-as-sea-breeze spritzer brings you to the beach and the good times in the sunshine that it provides. After all, Del Mar is more than a destination. It’s a state of mind. Step into the sunshine, this is your moment. Del Mar Wine Seltzers are blended for your vibrant lifestyle; light, refreshing, 95-calorie seltzers with an endless summer vibe. With just 4% alcohol volume and all-natural flavors, your forever dreams come true. Del Mar brings the beach, you rally the friends. Have fun. Be free. Shine on!