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Christian Brothers Brandy

The rich and distinctive taste of Christian Brothers Brandy is the result of careful aging in small, hand-selected oak barrels. The use of premium varietal grapes along with the unique distillation process combining the Pot Still and the Continuous Still methods, gives Christian Brothers Brandy its classic aroma and flavor. Unequaled smoothness and full bodied taste. Since 1882. Imported in the bottle.--Beverage Testing Institute: Appearance: Dark gold. Feel: Light to medium bodied. Alcohol: Mild. Descriptors: Mandarin orange, toasted almond. Comments: Easy, delicate, very fruity style. A sensation of sweetness without being sweet. RATED: 85 points (Highly Recommended)

Available in these regions:

  • Badger North
  • Badger South
  • Badger West

About this product

Available Sizes 1 L, 1.75 L, 200 ML, 375 ML, 50 ML, 750 ML
Proof 80
Type Brandy
Varietal Domestic Brandy
Origin/Country America
Available At North, South, West