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Altemasi Brut
Altemasi Brut

Lo Duca Prosecco
Lo Duca Prosecco

This Prosecco Carnevale is entirely made of Glera Grape Variety and its secondary fermentation is achieved x0dx0athrough the ‘Charmat Method’ in stainless steel tanks. After having been harvested the Glera grapes are pressed and vinified as a still white wine before being sealed in a pressurized tank wherein a second fermentation and the development of bubbles occur before bottling.

Bottega Venetian Gold Prosecco

Bottega Gold is a wonderful Prosecco from the Valdobbiadene hills in Northern Italy. The cool climate and hilly terrain makes the ideal place for sparkling wine production. The gold bottle is an amazing sight, but more than that, it helps protect the wine from light, preserving it for longer. The color is a brilliant straw yellow, and the foam is rich. Fruity scents come to the fore. Scents of Golden apple, pear, acacia flowers and lily of the valley.

Bottega Prosecco Il Vino Dei Poeti DOC

Il Vino dei Poeti Prosecco DOC is a Brut sparkling wine, obtained by Glera grapes grown according to classic, traditional techniques in the province of Treviso. Over the years, typicality and quality, the distinctive traits of these grapes, have remained unchanged, making Prosecco the most famous and best-selling Italian wine all over the world.

Bottega Oro Rose

Bottega Rose Gold is made using Pinot Noir grapes from Lombardy. This is fresh and floral with notes of strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants.