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Dry Sack Sherry 15 Years Old

Very fragrant with aromas of raisins, figs, roasted nuts, oak and vanilla. Full-bodied with a complex, lingering finish. Best served at room temperature in a port, small wine or cordial glass.

Dry Sack Sherry
Dry Sack Sherry

The perfect aperitif, Dry Sack Medium is a distinctive blend of Palomino and Pedro Ximenez grapes aged in oak casks for six years by the traditional Solera method. Dry Sack Medium Dry has a light, yet satisfying taste and is best served chilled straight-up, or on the rocks. Full-bodied and lightly sweet, yet crisp, it also pairs well with a variety of foods. Enjoy Dry Sack as a happy hour aperitif, as the prelude to a wonderful meal, or with dinner itself.