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Recognized as cutting-edge authorities of mixology in Wisconsin, Aubrey & Nick work with bar managers and restaurant owners to create concept cocktail menus that yield high sales results.  They will share tips, tricks, and techniques with your staff on how to be better, quicker, and more creative behind the bar, and how to sell your cocktail menu to maximize profits. 

Having a mixologist is a service Badger Liquor is proud to provide to our Customers!  If you’d like to book a training or cocktail menu consultation, contact your Sales Representative.

Aubrey Dodd

Badger South Mixologist

“I love teaching people about the science, culinary arts, creativity, and the
ever-evoling trends of mixology.”

When did you realize you had a knack for Mixology?
“I was at a college party and I impressed everyone by mixing grape vodka with Tahitian Treat.”

Favorite drink at the moment?
“That’s kind of like choosing a favorite child for me. Right now, I’m into low alcohol, fresh, chuggable cocktails. But after a long day of liquor tastings and making drinks I’m partial to a cold beer”

Most versatile spirit?
“Gin! There are so many classes of gin and they all have their own nuances. The flavors are subtle enough that the right gin is always a simple, elegant backbone for a cocktail, whether it’s gin and soda or a ten ingredient tiki drink.”

What is your favorite part of mixology?
“I like showcasing spirits in ways that people may not try on their own and introducing a creative element to typical bar experiences is so fun to me. There’s a very culinary aspect to it that makes a well-balanced cocktail feel like much more than just a means to get drunk.”

What do you think is the next big thing in mixology?
“Baijiu. It’s the most consumed alcohol in the world, but American palates haven’t adapted to it yet (it’s not our fault - we were hindered by prohibition.) Now that industry professionals and consumers are learning more about the beverage industry, Baijiu cocktails will be big.”

How do you take your Old Fashioned?
“Rye, Classic style, with Bittercube Cherry Bark Vanilla bitters.”

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Badger North & West Mixologist

“I enjoy making a customer a drink then being able to talk about that spirit or cocktail’s history as they enjoy the drink you just made for them. It sparks a conversation and intertwines good hospitality with great drink.”

How do you come up with different cocktails for each customer?
“When I make a cocktail that I think is exceptional, I write down in a little black book, kind of like a hall of fame or Pro-Bowl of cocktails so to speak. When creating menus, I’ll go back to those drinks for ideas and inspiration as a jump off point.”

Most versatile spirit?
“I think that depends on the Bartender and their style but for me, I would have to say either Gin or a Canadian or Irish Whiskey.”

What do people like to drink in Wisconsin?
“The Wisconsin Old Fashioned isn’t going anywhere but the younger generation is drinking more Whiskey rather than Brandy like their parents and grandparents did. Whiskey Old Fashioneds, Mules, Shots, and Rocks are all popular state wide.”

How do you take your Old Fashioned?
“If I’m drinking a Wisconsin Old Fashioned – Bourbon Press. Traditional Old Fashioned – Bourbon or Rye.”

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