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Caribou Crossing Canadian Whisky

Single Barrel Canadian Whiskey. Rich rye spices, vanilla, and butterscotch with lots of dark fruit. Stewed prunes and a hint of spirit. Elements of Cognac.Soft, creamy corn, with prunes, spice, and citric pith. Hot pepper, and just a touch of rye spices complement a bitter citric middle. Refreshing citric notes abound, though the palate stays creamy throughout. What starts out as a “nice” palate becomes more and more interesting as pleasing tannins, peppery spices, and ripe red fruits slowly emerge from the vanilla creaminess.

Available in these regions:

  • Badger North
  • Badger South
  • Badger West

About this product

Available Sizes 750 ML
Proof 80
Type Whiskey
Varietal Canadian Whisky
Origin/Country Canada
Available At North, South, West