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(As Suggested by Professional D̶r̶i̶n̶k̶e̶r̶  Mixologist, Aubrey Dodd)

The Fiserv Experience
Milwaukee's Hottest Venue

If you’ve been to the Fiserv Forum you already know what an experience it is. From the stunning architecture and professional staff to the lavishly stocked suites and locally owned eateries, the Forum is at the top of the hospitality game. It makes sense then that with a new Bucks season starting the Forum has continued to level up their offerings. 

This year the Fiserv has added vegetarian and vegan options, creative snacks from Treat Street Popcorn and elevated burgers from Chef Justin Carlisle of Ardent, and they’re introducing a bevy of new beverage offerings to match.

Check out my favorites below, and let me know what you’re most excited to try on our social media channels!

Drinking in the Deer District

Basketball games won’t be your only opportunity to enjoy the Fiserv this season. Between Fear District this Halloween, Oktoberfest, and the Christkindlmarket there is ample opportunity to sip on a craft cocktail from the Forum’s ever growing beverage program. Warm up with spiked ciders, mulled wine, and plenty of Jameson all autumn long in the Deer District.

Sipping Spirits Made in Wisconsin

If the Milwaukee Bucks fill you with hometown pride, you’ll probably be inspired to imbibe in some of the many locally crafted spirits available throughout the Fiserv.

Central Standard’s Cab Bourbon and Door County Cherry Vodka are made less than two miles from the arena and are available throughout the premises. Soulboxer Old Fashioneds made in Madison can also be found at the main bars, or you can head to Drink Wisconsinbly and opt for a cocktail made with their proprietary brandy.

Light, Refreshing & Fun

Make like Lizzo and blame it on the Juice - Absolut that is. Absolut Juice are 95% Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka blended with 5% cold pressed juice. Available in Apple or Strawberry, Absolut Juice is full of flavor, only 99 calories, and comes in at a slightly lower ABV than classic Absolut Vodka, so it’s perfect for starting the night at the Fiserv off right. Top it with Red Bull for an effervescent kick, or order it with soda for a deliciously light spritzer.

We See You George Clooney

Slushie cocktails & basketball games go hand in hand - these drinks are sweet, refreshing, and considerably more spill-proof than their liquid counterparts when walking through the crowd.

Remember when Casamigos co-owner George Clooney sent the people of Milwaukee an excuse letter for not going into work after the playoff series win since last year?  Well, Casamigos is all-in again on the Bucks this season!

Several new Casamigos slushie machines have been placed throughout the venue. Look for the Casamigos kiosks and enjoy a classic frozen margarita or a seasonal twist such as my personal favorite, a blend of Hibiscus syrup, lime, grapefruit, and Casamigos Blanco.

A Posh & Philanthropic Fiserv Favorite

While I love me some Wisconsin-made spirits and can be found sipping Casamigos more often than not, this martini comes in first place on my ranking of Fiserv favorites. Absolut Elyx is a vodka so smooth that it will make you feel wealthier and more posh with every sip - but that’s not even the good part. 

In keeping with the Fiserv Forum’s global consciousness and care for the environment, their partnership with Absolut Elyx takes things one step further:

For every bottle of Elyx sold, Absolut donates one week of clean drinking water to those in need. That means that for every Absolut Elyx cocktail you drink, 6.5 liters of water is provided to a family in search of safe water to drink. 

Bartender, make it a double!  To learn more about the Elyx + Water for People campaign:

Badger Liquor South Mixologist

When Aubrey isn't sipping a Casamigos slushie at the Fiserv, she stays busy creating cocktail menus, training staff, and hosting events for our customers and suppliers throughout the greater Milwaukee area.