Penelope Four Grain Bourbon

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Named after the Founder’s daughter, Penelope Bourbon is their signature four grain straight bourbon whiskey uniquely blended from three bourbon mash bills. Each barrel is hand-selected and blended into a single batch for your enjoyment. Remarkably smooth and flavorful, Penelope is perfect whether sipping neat or using in your favorite cocktail. Aromas of balanced corn sweetness, caramel, light oak, syrup, dynamic aroma profile with slight savory notes. Sweet fruit and grain forward notes, slight leather, very slight candied cream and cherry. On the palate there's fruit, syrup, candied sweetness, and a savory vanilla note with slight berry and citrus. The finish is slight buttercrea and corn bread with a lingering vanilla spice

About This Product

  • Available Sizes 50 ML, 750 ML
  • Proof 80
  • Type Bourbon