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Villa One Silver Tequila

Villa One is made with artesian well water and only the finest, sustainably sourced, 100% blue weber agave, matured 5-7 years and sourced from both the Highland and Lowland regions, resulting in a truly unique taste profile. The bottle itself was designed by John Varvatos and Nick Jonas with each expression featuring fine jewelry-inspired metalwork around the neck that represents the signature style of the John Varvatos brand.x0dx0aThe Silver is clear and bottled immediately upon production. It features a nose of cooked agave, featuring a continuous bouquet of dried fruit with a long, smooth finish.

Available in these regions:

  • Badger North
  • Badger South
  • Badger West

About this product

Available Sizes 750 ML
Proof 80
Type Tequila
Varietal Tequila Blanco
Available At North, South, West