At Badger Liquor, we have found success in dedicating a select group of focused employees to manage multi-store accounts across markets. Also referred to as ‘chain stores’, this division has a strong focus on category management and selling products and promotions at a corporate level.

How will Category Management help your business?

  • Robust analytics identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Speed to market has increased five times (Pro Space vs Intactix)
  • Multi POG Projects allows instant cross store analysis by POG/SKU
  • Space automation allows for mass updating, re-merchandising entire sets, adding/deleting products
  • Ability to share data electronically with non Pro Space users
  • The use of Efficient Item Assortment – an analytical tool for developing assortments by cluster- eliminates duplication and fragmentation

Sustainable Results

Better Penetration and Lift with Core Item Distribution
Inventory Control Measures – Better ordering at store level resulting in less markdowns