Droptine 12 Point Bourbon Whiskey

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The story of our finest bourbon starts with being Double Barrel Aged. This means we first age our bourbon in new charred oak barrels in America’s Heartland, then send it to California to be finished in the salt air of the Pacific in the finest brandy barrels. Creating our Droptine 12 Point Bourbon Whiskey starts with a commitment to the Double Barrel process. First, it's aged in new charred oak barrels, then moved into the flavor enhancing brandy barrels. There, our special bourbon ages until it takes on the satisfying aroma and flavors you'll come to know as our Double Barreled Droptine 12 Point Bourbon Whiskey. Finishing our bourbon in brandy barrels was the choice of many trials to find flavors as unique as the droptine deer. We wanted a bourbon that not only warmed the palate, but would sip smoothly and leave notes of fruit behind. We found the perfect brandy barrels in the Russian River Valley near Sonoma, California and what we created is a bourbon whiskey that exhibits a sweet floral honey-like aroma balanced by caramel, toasted wood, brown sugar, and toffee.

About This Product

  • Available Sizes 750 ML
  • Proof 92
  • Type Bourbon