Hennessy VS Cognac

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VS is a blend of more than 40 eaux de vie from the four premier growing areas of the cognac region. Hennessy VS displays a beautifully bright golden color. The powerful bouquet is dominated by overtones of oak, giving way to reveal a delicate scent of hazelnuts. Smooth and floral, V.S combines the sweetness of red fruits with a hint of vanilla that lingers on the palate. Hennessy VS has traditionally been enjoyed after a meal, but it is also very popular mixed with ice and soda water, tonic, orange juice or ginger ale, as a long drink. Recently in the USA, classic cocktails have made a strong come back with young, upscale consumers with for example the Hennessy Martini, the Hennessy Sidecar or the Hennessy Sour.

About This Product

  • Available Sizes 1 L, 1.75 L, 100 ML, 200 ML, 375 ML, 50 ML, 750 ML
  • Proof 80
  • Type Cognac