Door County Distillery Luminous Vodka

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When we set out to make Luminous Vodka, we wanted a vodka that was as clean & flawless as Door County’s natural landscapes and waterways. This Door County source supplies Luminous the mineral intensity and light fruit character that is unique, even among top-shelf artisanal spirits. Luminous is distilled from a blend of Midwest grain, containing wheat, offering higher fruity-aromas and giving the palette structure and thickness. Luminous sits above top-shelf vodkas at 42% alcohol by volume, distinctive in the vodka world. This Door County Distillery vodka is packaged in a clear one-liter bottle, boasting a classic Door County shoreline, a mix of landscape and waterway. Pure Vodka, Pure Door County, Pure Perfection.

About This Product

  • Available Sizes 1 L
  • Proof 84
  • Type Vodka