Journeyman W.R. Organic White Whiskey

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Handmade from local grains, our white whiskey is fertile ground for imaginative cocktails—and more. The un-aged version of our flagship Last Feather Rye, W.R. Organic White Whiskey keeps the heart cut from the spirit with almost zero tails. W.R. Whiskey is dedicated to the original journeymen: Owner/Founder Bill Welter’s grandfather, William, and his father, Chuck. With this whiskey we pay tribute to risk-takers and entrepreneurs—anyone who’s taken a chance in life, big or small, win or lose. We salute all the journeymen that came before us. Flavors of banana, mango, and ripened fruit in the front with a hint of white pepper on the back and florals on the nose.

About This Product

  • Available Sizes 750 ML
  • Proof 90
  • Type Whiskey