Tyrconnell Single Malt Irish Whiskey

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The Nose: Soft, floral, and fruity nose. Light molasses and creamy grain balance well with red delicious apples and tart lemon icing on lemon-vanilla cake. Just a touch spirit-y, not off-putting though, it comes across as a subtle hint of candied licorice beneath the stronger notes. The Palate: Wonderful, honeyed, slightly syrupy entry with apples and crisp, toasted rye bread-like grain which brings a subtle spiciness while juicy citrus notes bring a nice mouthwatering acidity. Towards the end, there are faint cocoa nib hints that add a mild earthiness. The Finish: Medium-ish, the spicy dies off pretty quickly, the cocoa, honey and citrus lingers a bit longer.

About This Product

  • Available Sizes 750 ML
  • Proof 80
  • Type Whiskey