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Pernod Absinthe 136

After being banned in 1912, Pernod - the first brand of Absinthe, returns to the US market where the absinthe category is growing rapidly. Absinthe is a spirit distilled from three primary ingredients: Wormwood, Fennel, and Star Anis. Every characteristic of the spirit comes from these plants; the sweetness, the herbaceous quality and the licorice aroma. The bright green hue of Absinthe is a unique trademark to the spirit and is preferred by consumers. For this, the French gave Absinthe an affectionate nickname,“La Fee Verte” (The Green Fairy).

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About this product

Available Sizes 750 ML
Proof 136
Type Liqueur-Specialties
Varietal Liqueur
Origin/Country France
Available At North, South