Summer is Rosé Season

The Rise of Rosé

Summer is the time to Rosé All Day. Over the last few years, Rosé has become the unofficial drink of summer. This in thanks to being associated with the Instagram lifestyle of sunning in the French Riviera, chilling at beachside bistros, eating alfresco with your love, and warm-weather brunching with the girls.

These delicious alternatives to red and white wines aren’t losing popularity and winemakers are taking notice by figuring out how to make their rosy favorites more portable.

Here are some of our favorite Rosés that are perfect to throw in the cooler for the lake, pop open poolside, or sip during socially-distanced gatherings.

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Martini & Rossi Frosé

Martini & Rossi Frosé is a premium frozen rosé cocktail made with Italian wine and natural fruit flavors of strawberry, lemon, grapefruit, and peach, made to the standards you expect from your favorite bar. Simply freeze and this delicious, slushy cocktail is ready for get-togethers with friends. Squeeze and enjoy directly from the pouch, or in a glass.
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Bandit Rose Tetra

A pale pink hue hints at delicate aromas of white peach and apricot, framed by a crisp palate of strawberry and tart cranberry.
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Crafters Union Rose

Crisp and fresh with enticing aromas and flavors of fresh-cut flowers, strawberries, watermelon and white peaches.
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