The Sure Thing

A delicate Pinot Noir is a real winner. Choosing one that is fine-boned and delicate like ones that come from Oregon’s Willamette Valley won’t ever go wrong with a big holiday meal because they often showcase those typical fall flavors of cranberry, apples, and spice. La Crema’s Willamette Pinot is bright and juicy with a lingering finish.

La Crema Willamette Pinot Noir

Bright. Juicy. Lingering. Extended time on the vine creates an unrestrained flavor profile of bright rich flavors.
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Keeping it Fresh

With a heavier dinner, something fresh with green notes can be a perfect palate cleaner in between bites. Liquid Light is vibrant, crisp and refreshing. This ultra-high-acid expression fits the bill as the ultimate, tasty refresher.

Liquid Light Sauvignon Blanc

Liquid Light is a vibrant, crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from Washington State. Inspired by the recently-discovered fifth state of matter – liquid crystals – Liquid Light™ is an ultra-high-acid expression of Sauvignon Blanc that reflects a vibrant spectrum of citrus, tropical and orchard fruit aromas and flavors.
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Escape The Insanity

If Thanksgiving Dinner feels like a prison, you’re not alone. At least you can bring a delicious wine to savor between political conversations and your aunt asking you if you still go to church. The Prisoner Wine Company Cabernet Sauvignon is a wink and a nod to feeling trapped around the dinner table. This bold Cabernet Sauvignon is sure to help you dial down the crazy.

The Crowd Pleaser

You know how you can make your mom and grandma happy? Bring a Riesling. End of discussion. Late harvest wines made from white grapes, like this riesling, are picked later in the fall and therefore have accumulated more sugar, have just the right amount of sweetness.

Chateau Ste Michelle Ethos Late Harvest White Riesling

The Ethos Late Harvest White Riesling is a complex, decadent wine with intense aromas of apricot, honey and jasmine spice. Layers of apricot and white peach flavors are wonderfully balanced with natural acidity and a luscious finish.
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Who Needs Dessert?

Perfect to have after a large meal and served slightly warm or with a bit of a chill, Von Stiehl Cherry Bounce was released in 2009 to honor the winery’s Wisconsin founder, Doc Stiehl. The label was inspired by an old tonic label and the juice itself is a blend of cherry brandy and the original von Stiehl cherry wine recipe. A true classic that is the perfect ending to a great meal.

Von Stiehl Cherry Bounce

Barrel aged using the solera system. This is a sweet and smooth concoction of cherry wine and cherry brandy. Intense aromas of fresh cherry pie.
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