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"I'll Bring the Wine!"
The Best Wines to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

When you're enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with family or friends, let's face it, the best thing to offer to bring is the wine.  

Here are Badger Liquor's picks for what to hand the hostess making you the hero of your Thanksgiving feast!

A Celebration of Bourbon
Bourbons To Try During National Bourbon Heritage Month

National Bourbon Heritage Month calls for the celebration of bourbon as America's "Native Spirit" during the month of September.  It is dedicated to celebrating the family heritage, tradition and deep-rooted legacy that the bourbon industry contributes to the United States.

Badger Liquor's Director of Sales Training & Development, and bourbon enthusiast, Ben Schneider, shares a few bourbons that you should give a try this month... and beyond.

Another Way to Rosé
Our Top Picks for Portable Rosés: Summer 2020

It's summer.  You know it's time to Rosé All Day.  And now you can do it even easier because more Rosé wines are available in perfectly portable packages.  From cans to pouches, try these delicious wines that you can pop open any time.

Spirit Gifts for Dad
Here are Our Top Gift Picks for Father's Day

Show your Father how much you care by toasting to him with his favorite spirit or one you think he'd like to try.

Badger Liquor Certified Specialists of Spirits, Kurt Larson and Nick Macaluso recommend which bottle Dad is sure to love and we're giving you the perfect cocktail that featuring each spirit!

Wine Gifts for Mom
Check out These Perfect Picks for Mom

Mother's Day will certainly be celebrated differently this year.  No fancy hotel brunches, big gatherings or church as a family.  You may have to celebrate mom with a Facetime call, a sentimental card, flower delivery, or better yet, give her a bottle of wine!

Badger Liquor Certified Sommelier, Kelly Plunkett, has curated which bottles show your mom that she's simply the best.

Quarantine Wine Tour
Who Needs to Go Out?

Things are crazy right now.  You're stuck at home.  You're alone.  Have some fun with an at-home wine tour. Badger Liquor Certified Specialist of Wine, Lynzi Ball has selected the perfect bottle for each room of your tour.

The Best Wheated Bourbons When You Can't Find Pappy
These Three "Wheaters" are Available Statewide!

We know, we know.  We hear it every day.  Try as you might, you’re not likely to find the white whale of bourbon, Pappy Van Winkle in Wisconsin. Thankfully, there are plenty of absurdly delicious, readily available wheated bourbon alternatives that won’t break your wallet.  Check out excerpts from an article in Men's Health on their picks that rival Pappy.

Fear the Deer & Skip the Beer
5 Drinks You Shouldn't Miss at the Fiserv Forum

The Bucks are Back... There's Fear in the Deer District... and who isn't looking forward to sipping some mulled wine at the Christmaskindlmarkt?  From warm and cozy seasonal cocktails to tequila slushies and a posh vodka with a purpose, Badger Mixologist Aubrey Dodd tells you what you should be sipping on this season at the Fiserv Forum.

Mixing It Up
Revamping a 15-Year-Old Cocktail Menu

The Backyard Bar & Grill in Fond du Lac hadn't changed their cocktail menu in over 15 years.  Then Badger Mixologist Nick Macaluso came in to mix things up... and they aren't looking back.

What to Drink at Miller Park
Cheers to the Brew Crew

Put down your beer, Wisconsin. Badger South Mixologist, Aubrey Dodd, takes you around Miller Park to show you what everyone is sipping on.  From Old Fashioneds on tap, to mixers made from local distilleries, to fruity margaritas, and choice wines.  We'll tell you what everyone is sipping on this summer at the baseball game.

Women Supporting Women in Wine & Spirits
The WSWA's 2nd Annual Women's Leadership Conference

Two days full of inspirational speakers and panels, networking, philanthropy and sharing experiences.  Vice President of Human Resources, Lindsey Pearson invites you to take an inside look at the WSWA's 2nd Annual Women's Leadership Conference  

My Day with a Badger Driver
Take a Ride with Jackson & Dan

All Badger Customer Service Representatives go on "ride alongs" with Badger Drivers.  This allows our Customer Service team to know exactly what goes on in the field, what our customers want and need from us, and it allows CSR's to better troubleshoot isses that come in since they've experienced them in the field first-hand.  What's the universal theme after the day is done?  It's a hard job!  Customer Service Rep, Jackson Gutreuter, takes us through his day with Driver, Dan Smith.

At Badger Liquor the Customer is King
Office Manager Amy Schingen Tells Us How Badger Does Customer Service

Our goal is to deliver exemplary customer service every single day.  But with thousands of customers, hundreds of employees, and a portfolio of products a mile long, how can it be done to such a high standard?  We wanted to hear from our customers, so we asked them what they needed from us.  That's when we started to set ourselves apart from the competition, and this is how Badger does Customer Service.

A Badger on the Bourbon Trail
Follow Mixologist Aubrey Dodd & 25 Badger Employees on a Trip Through Kentucky

The Kentucky Sales Training Trip 2018 took 25 Badger sales employees to Louisville in July. The employees were able to tour the distilleries of Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Heaven Hill and Buffalo Trace. The goal of the trip was to be a great learning opportunity to tour the locations/distilleries, learn more about the brands and how they are made, and better understand a lot of the backstory of the brands. All with the intention to help our sales reps and mixologists better tell the story of these brands.